What is your posture on information security?

Information Security Management is the art of monitoring and managing organization security status by orchestrating process-people-technological resources towards achieving business security objectives, by identifying business critical IT assets, evaluating their potential threats and risks based on vulnerabilities, for initiating appropriate measures towards ensuring confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information assets. It provides a quick shot picture your current security posture.

The task of managing Security is complex. There are over 28,000 such security gaps identified and documented as ‘vulnerabilities’. There is a need for holistic lifecycle management for managing security postures that manages all the issues in real-time proactively and for complying with regulatory or Standard Controls.

The challenges in retaining an effective information security posture include but not limited to:

  • Discovering and watching assets when they are added to / removed from the network, including IP, wireless and mobile assets
  • Managing silos of solutions in the market against 35,000+ security controls to remain compliant under various business regulations and Standards
  • Implementing complex Security Tools with required IT skills, keeping pace with the continuous security monitoring lifecycle of threats and remediation measures
  • Staying compliant continuously with the mandatory requirements under evolving regulations and avoiding stiff penalties for non-compliance

Aegify Information Security Posture Management offers:

  • Unique flexible cloud-based architecture that facilitates security scans of business assets for more than 28,000 vulnerabilities and over 85,000 checks across your physical and virtual networks, operating systems, databases, and Web applications
  • Asset discovery (as new assets are used in the network)
  • Easily scales from small to medium to large enterprises with large networks (more than 1,024 IPs), multi-segmented network and virtualized infrastructure without affecting performance, including Configuration and Policy scanning
  • Optimized to detect, prevent and manage security threats and vulnerabilities and exploits across your entire IT infrastructure
  • Real-time continuous monitoring of security and compliance status
  • Easy customization to meet enterprise-specific requirements, and flexibility in deployment.
  • Extensive Dashboard views and Reports