Information Risk, Security, and Compliance (RSC) requirements are driven by an organization’s needs to address the ever-increasing cyber-attacks and providing auto remediation in security, helps in diagnosing, curing and protecting information assets.

Risk avoidance is a poor strategy compared to a proactive Risk Management strategy. Mark Zuckerberg states, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk; in a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” You need to diagnose the critical risk, security and compliance issues and apply the cure to protect your business from the costly cyber-attacks that have become order of the day. This is highly simplified using auto remediation strategies.

Effective Information Security management is not optional for healthcare, retain and financial enterprises, in todays interconnected world, where many critical assets (IT assets – hardware and application/system software, and non-IT assets such as People, processes and other intellectual property), are connected to the organization’s network with business associates / vendors having access to critical data. Critical assets can be IT assets and non-IT assets such as People, processes and other intellectual property, that are considered valuable by the company. When Security breaches happen, critical data is compromised, jobs are lost, and profits reduced, brand loss, accompanied by civil or criminal penalties. Continuous security monitoring of critical assets for dealing with security threats and vulnerabilities is a key challenge and built-in auto remediation effectively addresses the challenges.

Organizations therefore, need to establish evidence that they are in conformity to the required compliance regulations and have proactively taken effective steps against any breaches as part of its effective governance. This could become a night-mare if there are multiple regulatory requirements that must be met.

Automatically discovering such new assets and ensuring they do not pose a threat to the security is a continuous challenge.

Aegify RSC Suite automates the entire process.

  1. Diagnose – Within hours you will know your total organization risk including that of your vendors and where your security threats lie and the compliance gaps
  2. Cure– Apply Aegify steps to close your risk, security, and compliance gaps.
  3. Protect – 24×7 continuous monitoring security threats in real time and easily comply with any regulation.