Today’s cyber world is an increasingly dangerous place. Security lapses and compliance oversights can mean financial ruin for any-sized company.

Aegify was created to protect our clients’ profitability, assets and employees. Our mission is to continuously diagnose gaps in technology, cure these gaps for our clients, and protect their future.

Aegify Inc. is a leading provider of unified cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions for:

  • IT risk, security and compliance management
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Business associate/vendor management

Aegify is the world’s first software-only solution that changes how businesses cope with risk, security, and compliance management challenges using a cost-effective, subscription-based, cloud-hosted SaaS solution.

Aegify received the highest rating of 5 out 5 stars by SC Magazine in June 2014, with 5 stars for Features, Performance, Documentation, Support and Overall Rating.

Aegify is headquartered in Cupertino, California with development offices in Bangalore, India.

Aegify was named a 2013 ‘Emerging Vendor’ by CRN and UBM Channel and Winner of TiE50 2013, a prestigious award for enterprising technology start-ups worldwide.

“TIR considers Aegify’s US market entry strategy fairly prescient. By teaming up with managed service providers and managed security providers, Aegify is able to deliver an end-to-end service in the SMB segment while empowering channel partners to move up the value stack, monetizing from added value and service support. Since the SaaS-based compliance offering meshes well with managed service providers’ existing portfolios, it should thus be viewed quite favorably by business customers that are looking for a flexible service model to meet heightened demand for security and compliance requirements in their operational environments. The on-demand subscription model should garner a fair amount of acceptance, especially as SaaS technology is growing in maturity and the delivery model is viewed as a viable option to keep operating costs down.”

Agatha Poon, Tier1Research,

Unified_protectionAegify’s unified RSC solution squarely meets the needs of healthcare, retail and financial businesses. The solution comes with ready-to-use assessment templates and security policies that are easily customizable.

A free community edition is available for download along with trial versions to meet the requirements of small-medium-large business enterprises.

Aegify is derived from the classical word “Aegis” meaning protection, backing, support and guidance.

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