Holistic Vulnerability Assessments

Understanding your business exposure to threats starts with gathering all your vulnerability data from servers, endpoints, mobile devices, and web assets in one place. In order to prioritize what risk to address, you need more data – the context of your controls and configurations program, plus the validation of compliance programs and offensive testing. Providing context makes the data more useful and turns a laundry list of vulnerabilities into something you can prioritize and address.

Harmonizes Governance Processes

The Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) enables organizations to establish and maintain a harmonized governance process. The UCF simplifies the task of identifying IT compliance controls across multiple authority documents by maintaining a structure for mapping, organizing, and harmonizing a myriad of overlapping compliance regulations and requirements. With the UCF, you can quickly and easily determine the minimum number of controls required to meet all your compliance requirements. Quickly and easily identify the minimum set of controls you need to comply with to meet your compliance requirements. Eliminate redundant IT controls across hundreds of regulations so you can comply once and demonstrate compliance to many different intersecting requirements simultaneously. Tie all controls to Audit Guidelines, Document Templates, Metrics, Roles, Information Classification, Research Site reports, and much more. UCF subscribers have the most comprehensive set of IT regulatory compliance controls available anywhere – from the actual issuing authority to the controls to the specific configuration or audit requirement – at a fraction of the cost and time.

Monitors Access of Healthcare Systems

Maize Analytics developed EBAS (Explanation-Based Auditing System), a patented software to support privacy initiatives in the healthcare industry by monitoring access to and usage of electronic medical records and other hospital systems. EBAS is a revolutionary, proven model that filters out 95% of appropriate EMR access behavior allowing security officers to focus their time and efforts where they can make the most impact. The evolution of medical records from paper to electronic has made it harder for healthcare institutions to prevent security breaches without significant manual auditing labor. EBAS reduces false positives and subsequent research. EBAS is a highly automated solution with a friendly user interface making it easy for privacy officers to protect hospital records and easily comply with stringent privacy regulations. Maize Analytics saves hospital resources and creates piece of mind as EMR fraud builds to the primary field of concern in healthcare.