“Master the Security Sale” Sales Program

This is a Security Sales program developed jointly by Aegify and David Stelzl.

Every Business is Under Fire Right Now – and in Need of Someone to Advise Them On Intelligent Data Security Decisions. IT is Not Equipped to Do it – You Could be…

Over 15 years ago I sat for my CISSP exam. WHY?

It was just before the year 2000, and this business was going through major changes. The technology business has never been the same, but security has continued to be one of the most highly demanded areas of need by companies of all sizes.


Selling security it not easy. At least not until now…

There’s no ROI, and people don’t see greater business opportunities on the other side of their investment. Yet, it continues to be one of the most profitable technology areas to get involved in.

I created the foundations of this course in 2013 when I started Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts. This program comes from real world experience – getting into new accounts, moving up the org chart, and using security to create opportunities in many other technology areas that by themselves are harder to sell.

This program has been a powerful success factor in the lives of sales people all over the world…

In the past I’ve conducted private company training classes, held online classes, and presented these concepts in many keynotes and breakout sessions held by product manufacturers and distributors.

It’s now in an easy to digest format – one you can take at your own pace as you work through 6 revolutionary modules. There will be times to check in by phone through one-on-one coaching calls, as well as 4 months to work on concepts and interact online. Take the time to work through this – you’ll be amazed at how it will change your perspective on sales, and how it will open new doors you never thought would be possible.

Here’s How It Works:

You’ll have access to 6 modules, delivered over 6 weeks. With them, you will be receiving chapters of my field guide with work sheets to plan your business approach. There will also be supplementary videos along the way, a place to collaborate online, and 3 bonus coaching calls – including one to review your assessment process.

In addition, you’ll have access to this these modules and collaborative tools over a 3 month period to give you time to try different strategies and discuss them with me along the way. Following are the 6 modules – and several bonuses I’ve included for a limited time…

STEP 1: Unlocking the Power of the Security Message

STEP 2: Know the Threat Landscape – Hype Vs. Reality and What Business Leaders Need to Know!

STEP 3: Powerful Marketing Concepts That Drive Security Business Regardless of Budget

STEP 4: Learn to Give a Security Message That Converts 90% of the Time

STEP 5: Harnessing the Power of Security Assessments – Learning How to Convert to Projects and Managed Services

STEP 6: Creating Undeniable Justification to Increase Security – Delivering the Closing Message


  • Coaching calls worth over $900. (Limited Time)


  • Audio Program – Presenting the House & the Cloud to Board Room Leadership.


  • Use of your coaching calls to review your company’s assessment deliverable – I’ll help you turn it into the most powerful sales tool you have!


  • Available only to Aegify partners
  • Membership to the SVLC Insider’s Circle to the program, which costs $49/month, which include:
    • Monthly sessions with experts on how to grow your business
    • Monthly CD and Special Report

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For only $147/month you can completely transform your business! (3 Month Program – 3 Easy Payments).
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